Our Story

Kutayba Alghanim

Instability at home – or not having a home at all – creates tremendous challenges for children. This heartbreak is a shared sorrow for the Arab world, and is one reason which drove the creation of Dar Ilham & Yusuf Alghanim - DIYA – an NGO founded in 2003 by Sir Kutayba Yusuf Alghanim, the son of Ilham and Yusuf Alghanim. The Alghanim family history in philanthropy goes back generations, starting in their home country of Kuwait and extending to the Arab world. Their philosophy is and has always been to lend a helping hand to families in need.

Situated on a family estate that once belonged to Kutayba’s father, Yusuf Alghanim, the location was once the private residence of the family, where they spent countless happy days in Souk El Ghareb – Lebanon. After the Lebanese civil war, Sir Kutayba Alghanim renovated their family residence and repurposed it to establish DIYA as a home for children in need. The estate was divided into spacious apartments, allowing children in need to live together as families. At DIYA, boys and girls grow and learn together as siblings, not strangers, sharing responsibilities as well as the joys and sorrows that are a part of everyday living.

It is a home, in every sense of the word.

Sir Kutayba Alghanim continues to provide financial and moral support for DIYA’s needs and growth in honor of his parents’ memory. Looking ahead, he aspires to expand its footprint into Kuwait and beyond, with the goal of addressing the needs of Arab children, wherever they may be. These efforts are especially pivotal today to our regional hegemony, with many Arab children living within war torn environments that threaten to limit their opportunities, both educational and otherwise. With the support of his current and future partners, whether inside or outside of DIYA, Sir Kutayba Alghanim seeks to realize his ambition and unlock the full potential of Arab youth.

For more information on Sir Kutayba Alghanim, please visit www.kutaybaalghanim.com

  • “Thank you committed staff for your precious work with children.”

    Anita Delhaas - World Vision
  • “Staff, moms and children, you really have to be proud of what you do.”

    Josephine Trak
  • “We noticed how this great bond of cooperation is found between all the children.”

    Red Cross – Youth Department
  • “We promise to help and always stay by your side to help you achieve your goals.”

    Red Cross – Youth Department
  • “Congratulations on raising such happy children in an atmosphere of happiness and enthusiasm.”

    Blanche Mansfield
  • “Bravo pour l'enthousiasme des mamans, des enfants, des éducateurs, et la joie des enfants.”

    Delphie Gayrard
    Directeur CCF
  • ‪”‬أن يكون الدار على هذا المستوى العالي في الجمال و الخدمة الإجتماعية هو فخر لنا و للوطن.“

    نبيل الريشاني
    مدير المدرسة التنوخية الوطنية - عبيه
  • ‪”‬دمتم مؤسسة فاضلة خيّرة تساهم في رفع دعائم الوطن، و ترقية المجتمع.“‬

    جمانة العريضي
    المدرسة اللبنانية العالمية - طراد
  • ‪”‬أنتم الأفضل في الإدارة و التعامل و قراءة ذات الأطفال و لكم فيهم أجيال بناءة.“‬

    باسم عوض
  • ‪”‬إننا نهنئكم و نشد على أيديكم مع تمنياتنا بمزيد من النجاح لداركم الكريمة.“‬

    أنور بشنق